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is jumping rope a good exercise

Is Jumping Rope A Good Exercise? + A Beginner Jump Rope Workout

Introduction “Is jumping rope a good exercise?” Hell yeah it is! I thought you’d never ask… I started adding jump rope intervals into my exercise routine about 6 months ago. Jump ropes are cheap, lightweight, and easy to travel with. If the last time you did any skipping rope was during recess in grade school it […]

what is the bbg workout? what is #bbg?

What Is The BBG Workout? And What Is #bbg?!

What is the BBG Workout? And what is #bbg?!?! Here is the short answer: “BBG” is an acronym for “Bikini Body Guide”. The BBG workout is a 28 minute high-intensity training circuit designed to be done three times per week. Kayla Itsines, a 25 year old personal trainer from Australia, created the original Bikini Body […]

counting macros for beginners

What Is A Macronutrient? – Counting Macros For Beginners

Over the past few months, I’ve been getting slightly annoyed at the “attack of the macros”. Everyone seems to be counting and adjusting them, hashtagging #IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros), etc. My annoyance was mostly because of the “counting” part. I’m not into obsessing over what we put into our bodies so counting anything sends […]

12 week exercise program

Amanda Bisk’s 12 Week Exercise Program – My Review

Product Name: Fresh Body Fit Mind Weeks 1 – 12 Price: $39 USD for the full guide  Website: Here is a link to 1 week of “pre-training” workouts for free and FBFM Weeks 1 – 12   General Description: Fresh Body Fit Mind Weeks 1 – 12 is a 12 week exercise program, motivation guide, and online fitness community. […]

nerd fitness - heroes

Why I’m Obsessed With Nerd Fitness (And You Should Be Too)

Wait…fitness for nerds? You betcha! I found Nerd Fitness a couple of years ago and keep visiting their site for a couple of reasons. Chief among these was the resources. All of them were (and are) really helpful, thorough, and engaging. But I also keep checking it out because I’m totally fascinated. Steve Kamb is a […]

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Hi there! My name is Jenny. I initially created Fit And Fresh Daily as a way to learn about blogging and websites. I chose a topic that I am passionate about - tailoring exercise and healthy habits to any lifestyle, no matter how busy or unusual. Now, Fit And Fresh Daily is a way for me to help other busy people build healthy habits.