About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Jenny. I grew up on an island in Hawai’i (Kaua’i) and now live on an island in Alaska (Kodiak). I work in the maritime industry and am currently a deckhand on a harbor tug. I have also worked as a commercial fisherman, tourguide, sportfishing charter captain, steward (cook), waitress, and toddler gymnastics teacher.

My introduction to fitness…

I first started exercising by running in high school. At the time, my motivation was to get skinny – not the healthiest mindset. To my surprise, I ended up enjoying running and kept at it because it made me feel good.
I continued my exploration of fitness in college by doing yoga (Bikram and vinyasa), tumbling, and Capoeira Angola. I also tried CrossFit, Barre, Zumba, a trapeze lesson, surfing, hiking… I wanted to do it all! I had started to realize that the positive effects of exercise extended to all aspects of my life. My mental health, my sleep patterns, my eating habits, study habits, ambition, everything seemed to improve if I was regularly working out. This is why I’ve remained so passionate about fitness over the years.

The “wandering years”…

After college, I spent three years alternating between traveling and being broke (while saving money to travel). I didn’t have a consistent workout routine and it really took a toll on my wellbeing.

I wanted to reincorporate exercise into my daily routine but didn’t know how. By then I had settled into a career in the maritime industry and as you can imagine, on most seagoing vessels there is little time or space for exercise! I spent a lot of time in airports traveling to and from jobs. I had strange schedules  (only off when it’s dark out or 12 hours off every three days, with only 4 to 6 hours of free time during the other days)…


I slowly started to adapt my workouts to fit these new circumstances. I looked for exercises on the internet. I scaled down my gear so that I could travel with it. After much trial and error, I figured out a way to incorporate fitness into my daily life and it’s a way that works for me.

Success and sharing…

I created Fit And Fresh Daily to share what I’ve learned so far and to help others find a way to incorporate exercise and healthy habits into their daily lives. At some point, we have all felt as though we are too busy to workout hiking on kauaiand stay healthy. Sometimes its seems like we don’t have enough space, or don’t have the right equipment, or that it’s not worth the trouble. From my own experience, I know there are many resources to give us the extra push we need to achieve all of our wellness goals. I hope to share these resources with you and in the process, to connect with and learn from others that are passionate about taking their health and fitness regime with them no matter where life takes them.

Thanks for finding your way to my blog 🙂 Please be sure to let me know what you like and what you don’t!

In health and happiness,