Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Whether you’re traveling, have an hour lunch break, or need to sneak in a workout at home, these workouts you can do anywhere have got you covered.

Take a look at the ideas below to find what works best for you. I’d love to hear which workouts and recovery techniques are your favorite. Feel free to leave a comment!

Muscle Recovery Techniques – Myofascial Release By Foam Roller

If muscle recovery techniques aren’t already a part of your daily or weekly routine, they should be! Proper recovery is essential for preventing injuries and maintaining a high training intensity on the days that you do workout. One great recovery technique that you can do on your own is myofascial release by foam roller. In […]

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What Is An Isometric Exercise? – Why Should You Care?

What is an isometric exercise? You’ve probably heard about isometric exercises if you go to any group fitness classes, especially Barre or yoga. But what is an isometric exercise? More importantly, what’s it to you? In this article I’ll define isometric exercise, give some examples, and then show you the good news; you really can […]

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A Quick Workout For Your Lunch Break

If you’ve been searching for quick workouts for men or quick workouts for women, look no further. This quick workout for both men or women can be done in a stairwell or outside and it only takes 20 minutes. For those who have an hour long lunch break, the following routine should leave you enough time to […]

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20 Minute Full Body Workout

This 20 minute full body workout is one of the best home workout programs… I have been using the 20 minute full body workout circuits provided in Amanda Bisk’s Fresh Body Fit Mind training program for the past few months. I found them while looking for a workout that I could do inside without equipment. I […]

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How To Do Yoga At Home – Free Yoga Online

It wasn’t until recently that I started thinking about how to do yoga at home. Only after I started digging around the internet did I find free yoga online. Now, my favorite way to do yoga at home is through YogaGlo’s website and Adrienne’s YouTube channel – the best free online yoga classes out there. Since […]

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