is jumping rope a good exercise

Is Jumping Rope A Good Exercise? + A Beginner Jump Rope Workout

Introduction “Is jumping rope a good exercise?” Hell yeah it is! I thought you’d never ask… I started adding jump rope intervals into my exercise routine about 6 months ago. Jump ropes are cheap, lightweight, and easy to travel with. If the last time you did any skipping rope was during recess in grade school it […]

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what is a macronutrient

What Is A Macronutrient? – Counting Macros For Beginners

Over the past few months, I’ve been getting slightly annoyed at the “attack of the macros”. Everyone seems to be counting and adjusting them, hashtagging #IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros), etc. My annoyance was mostly because of the “counting” part. I’m not into obsessing over what we put into our bodies so counting anything sends […]

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nerd fitness - heroes

Why I’m Obsessed With Nerd Fitness (And You Should Be Too)

Wait…fitness for nerds? You betcha! I found Nerd Fitness a couple of years ago and keep visiting their site for a couple of reasons. Chief among these was the resources. All of them were (and are) really helpful, thorough, and engaging. But I also keep checking it out because I’m totally fascinated. Steve Kamb is a […]

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is hitting snooze bad for you

Is Hitting Snooze Bad For You? – Sort Of, But Mostly It’s Robbing You

If you’re like me and love to sleep, you might wonder “is hitting snooze bad for you”? I searched around and found that it’s not terrible but it’s definitely robbing you of restful sleep and valuable time. Here are some facts and figures to consider: If you hit snooze on your alarm just once each […]

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how to stick to your diet during the holidays
By Dinner SeriesMatch Pewter Carving Set auf flickr, CC BY 2.0, Link

5 Ways To Stick To Your Diet – Be A Healthy-Eating Superstar This Holiday Season

Tis the season for family gatherings, company parties, New Years bash’s, cookie-decorating parties, and more. In this festive environment, you will inevitably be surrounded by heaps of delicious holiday treats. Sometimes, it only takes one major slip up to feel defeated and lose your motivation to eat healthy during the holidays.  Whether you’re struggling with […]

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can you exercise while pregnant

Can You Exercise While Pregnant? – Yes! Health Pros And Moms Agree

Confession… I have never been pregnant. I haven’t learned first hand how to have a fit pregnancy. So why am I writing about whether or not you can exercise while pregnant? Another confession… Moms that take the time to exercise during and after their pregnancy are my ultimate motivation. More than shocking transformation photos, more than […]

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what is a barre workout - example

What Is A Barre Workout? – Studio Barre & Soul, Kaua’i

Ever since Pure Barre became a franchise in 2009, independent barre studios and other franchises, such as Barre & Soul, have been popping up all over the place. If you haven’t taken a barre class yet, you’re probably wondering, “What is a barre workout?” My introduction to barre was through a friend, who had been to a […]

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team beachbody fitness coach - amy

What Is Beachbody Fitness? – Interview With A Team Beachbody Fitness Coach

Cassie Keplinger is all about fitness: She is the instructor that taught my first spin class (reviewed in “Is Spinning A Good Workout?“). She works as part of Team Beachbody by doing online fitness coaching. To top it all off, she exercises every day at eight months pregnant. Cassie is clearly proud of the fact […]

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happy about our killer leg day workout!

Is Spinning A Good Workout? – My Thanksgiving Spin Class Review

My first indoor cycling class was one week ago, on Thanksgiving Day. I was so excited to go that I wrote about it beforehand. When I woke up, it was still dark and my first thought was that no workout is worth leaving your house in the dark, especially when it’s 30 degrees out. Lucky […]

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quad foam rolling

Muscle Recovery Techniques – Myofascial Release By Foam Roller

If muscle recovery techniques aren’t already a part of your daily or weekly routine, they should be! Proper recovery is essential for preventing injuries and maintaining a high training intensity on the days that you do workout. One great recovery technique that you can do on your own is myofascial release by foam roller. In […]

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what is an isometric exercise

What Is An Isometric Exercise? – Why Should You Care?

What is an isometric exercise? You’ve probably heard about isometric exercises if you go to any group fitness classes, especially Barre or yoga. But what is an isometric exercise? More importantly, what’s it to you? In this article I’ll define isometric exercise, give some examples, and then show you the good news; you really can […]

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best travel yoga mat

Wanted: Best Non Slip Yoga Mat

I bought the yoga mat that I have now from Lolë in Montreal last spring. It’s made of natural rubber and is a foldable travel mat. I absolutely love it. (Check it out by clicking the image or read the full review) However, I have been doing a lot of working out inside because Kodiak in the […]

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how many calories does spin class burn

How Many Calories Does Spin Class Burn? – My Question On Turkey Day

I’ve never been to a spin class before! This Thursday, I will be attending my first one — at 8:00am on Thanksgiving Day 😮 I’m not sure what to expect at spin class but a friend of mine is an instructor and saved me a spot. Now I’m committed! Naturally, I want to know just how […]

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lunch break workout

A Quick Workout For Your Lunch Break

If you’ve been searching for quick workouts for men or quick workouts for women, look no further. This quick workout for both men or women can be done in a stairwell or outside and it only takes 20 minutes. For those who have an hour long lunch break, the following routine should leave you enough time to […]

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Amanda Bisk

20 Minute Full Body Workout

This 20 minute full body workout is one of the best home workout programs… I have been using the 20 minute full body workout circuits provided in Amanda Bisk’s Fresh Body Fit Mind training program for the past few months. I found them while looking for a workout that I could do inside without equipment. I […]

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at home yoga

How To Do Yoga At Home – Free Yoga Online

It wasn’t until recently that I started thinking about how to do yoga at home. Only after I started digging around the internet did I find free yoga online. Now, my favorite way to do yoga at home is through YogaGlo’s website and Adrienne’s YouTube channel – the best free online yoga classes out there. Since […]

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moksha yoga montreal

Yoga When Traveling – Where Is The Nearest Yoga Studio?

A bit of yoga when traveling is a great way to stay active while on the go. Yoga classes can either be a workout or an active way to unwind without adding unnecessary stress. In fact, locating the nearest yoga studio is usually the most stressful part of a yoga class while traveling! Fortunately, there are […]

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