Is Hitting Snooze Bad For You? – Sort Of, But Mostly It’s Robbing You

If you’re like me and love to sleep, you might wonder “is hitting snooze bad for you”? I searched around and found that it’s not terrible but it’s definitely robbing you of restful sleep and valuable time. Here are some facts and figures to consider:

If you hit snooze on your alarm just once each morning 5x per week, you’re “snoozing” 260 times per year. That’s over 40 hours per year spent on a habit that isn’t really benefiting you. During those last 10 minutes of extra sleep, you are in the lightest phase of our sleep cycle versus the deeper phases of sleep during which actual rest occurs. In short, you aren’t getting restful sleep.
One study found that more than a third of American adults hit the snooze button at least 3 times each morning (:o) If you’re among these snoozers that’s 130 hours of lost time! If you reclaimed that time, you could add activity to your schedule later in the day — to the tune of five 30-minute workout sessions per week. Or one 2.5 hour chunk of time each week to meal plan and prep. I realize that getting out of bed when you’re supposed to isn’t going to magically free up an hour later in your day. But it will definitely get you headed in the right direction.

is hitting snooze bad for you

If you’re a total morning person and want to immediately fit in a mini workout in the morning, more power to you! There are several apps for short workouts, including a popular one that gets you moving for only seven minutes. Another useful way to fill short amounts of time is meal planning. Check out Fit & Fresh Daily’s Pinterest Board for healthy meal ideas.
In summary, that wonderful snooze button isn’t as bad as you as some things (alcohol, caffeine, etc.) but it may be robbing you of restful sleep and eating up precious time. This lost time could be dedicated to other things such as: stretching, workout, meditation, meal planning, etc. Try to set your alarm for the time that you actually need to get moving and don’t hit snooze! It may take a little while to get used to but it will be worth it. Setting your alarm clock on the other side of the room will help as you transition.

Once you’ve got this covered, let me know how not “snoozing” for an extra half hour each day has helped you. Or, if you’ve found other ways to make this shift, comment below to let me know!


6 thoughts on “Is Hitting Snooze Bad For You? – Sort Of, But Mostly It’s Robbing You”

  • Hi

    Great Information

    Hitting the snooze button is probably a common ritual for most people, as we all generally hate Monday’s and most don’t want to got to work.

    I always find if I snooze for too long I end up feeling worse and even more tired. I think the best way is to actually get up when your alarm goes off and do some sort of physical activity, but each to their own I guess.


  • I heard the best way to stop hitting the snooze button is to put your alarm clock or phone all across the room so that you have to get up and turn it off. I mean I guess you can still the snooze button if you get up so maybe it’s better to put it in another room?

    I appreciate all the calculations you did for us. It really gives us a different perspective when we look it as lost precious time that could have used for something more productive or meaningful.

    • Hi Vanessa! 

      Thanks for commenting. I’ve heard this too! I’ve also tried it and just get annoyed, but perhaps that is the point. The risk of putting your alarm in another room is not hearing it! I think that I would still hear it but my boyfriend wouldn’t. I was really surprised at the calculations when I did them. Glad to hear they shifted your perspective too 🙂

      Thanks for reading! 


  • Yes, I can relate to that! Sometimes I am too tired to wake up, and I hit the snooze button multiple times. This leads to 20 to 30 minutes extra “sleep” and I end up being late for work. For some it’s almost impossible to wake up, without hitting the snooze at least once. But, I guess I will have to break this habit, if I want to be more productive and have more time. Nice article!

    • Thanks, George! Lately, I’m the only one who has been setting an alarm (my boyfriend hasn’t needed to be up earlier than I have) and I never hit snooze. I noticed that we’ve both had an easier time waking up after a week of this and the past few days, have been up before the alarm 😮 Of course, we’ve been going to sleep a bit earlier but that’s not so bad 😉 With some practice, we can all change our habits! Thanks again for commenting.

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