Why I’m Obsessed With Nerd Fitness (And You Should Be Too)

Wait…fitness for nerds? You betcha!

I found Nerd Fitness a couple of years ago and keep visiting their site for a couple of reasons. Chief among these was the resources. All of them were (and are) really helpful, thorough, and engaging. But I also keep checking it out because I’m totally fascinated. Steve Kamb is a motherflippin’ GENIUS for creating such a comprehensive site catering to those who don’t fit into your typical “sporty”, “fit”, “active” boxes — the nerds, geeks, misfits, gamers, etc.

Steve used his own experience as someone with a desk job who loved nerd culture (games, books, and movies) and needed to make a healthy change to help others just like him. By creating Nerd Fitness, he absolutely knocked this challenge out of the park. This is my big public shout out to him and the Nerd Fitness team. Hopefully one day, I’ll be “nerdy enough” to join The Rebellion.


Nerd Fitness - team
Team Nerd Fitness, photo from the NF Website

What is Nerd Fitness?

The short and sweet version is that Nerd Fitness is “a community with real info for real people”. The website is home to Nerd Fitness Academy, “an online, self-paced course and fitness “quest” tracking system with over 20,000 students from every corner of the globe”.quotes from Nerd Fitness’ Website

Nerd Fitness
Fitness is for everyone and stereotypes are BS…

The Academy’s focus is on building long-term habits centered around nutrition, exercise, and self-confidence/your mindset. There are 7 different sections in the Academy:

  1. Mindset Module
  2. Nutrition Module
  3. Fitness Module
  4. Workouts
  5. Private Facebook Groups
  6. Bonuses,
  7. Quest Tracking and leveling feature

More in depth information is available on the Academy Overview Page.
Nerd Fitness’ website is also home to a blog, forums, Rising Heroes (a real-time, multi-player fitness and self-improvement game), a yoga course, and free resources.

I just read “A Nerd’s Introduction To Mental Health”. The links to random YouTube videos totally complement my lack of concentration (thanks, Steve!) and as someone who has experienced some major mental health issues — the article was spot on and offers a thorough list of resources to follow up with. I’ll be reading the article about eating paleo next because I am way behind on that whole deal.

Here is a screenshot of NF’s free resources:

Nerd Fitness
Screenshot of NF’s free resource list.

What is The Rebellion?

The Rebellion is Nerd Fitness’ community. You can be a part of it without purchasing any of their courses. Members get blog updates on Mondays and Thursdays, an email series to get them started, and two eBooks: “The Beginner’s Guide to the Paleo Diet” and “15 Mistakes that Newbies Make When Trying To Get Healthy”. The Rebellion has 11 rules that sum up Nerd Fitness’ entire philosophy. My favorites are numbers 5, 6, 7, 9, and 11 … find out which those are by viewing the entire list.

What if I’m not really a “nerd”?

That’s what I used to think! I’m nerdy about some things — I love to read and work on my blog and Google interesting sea creatures … but I’m more of a homebody-grandma. I like to do yoga in my apartment and chill with my friends’ adorable babies and clean the house. I don’t even understand all of the references Steve makes in his video explaining NF! I know nothing about Star Wars and I’m way too hyper and distracted to play video games. You get the picture.

However, I don’t think this is a problem. One of the things that attracts me to the NF website over and over is that it oozes inclusivity. The media (and social media in particular) makes health and wellness, exercise and nutrition, all seem so overwhelming. We are constantly bombarded with ads and advice on which product to use and which 12-week program to try.

Almost every product and program advertised claims to be the best and that leads to exclusivity. The unspoken message seems to be that if you aren’t using the right product and doing the right program, then you’re behind the times and won’t be cool until you do. Or: if you don’t look a certain way then you’re not yet “fit”. To this I say (sorry mom and Carolyn): Fuck. That.

nerd fitness - heroes
from the NF Website

Nerd Fitness delivers something different in many ways:

  • There are no ads on the website. (This is actually kind of a secondary thing but I really appreciate it.)
  • Embracing and celebrating peoples’ quirks and “weirdness” is built into Nerd Fitness’ core philosophy. Check out their Rebel Of The Month (ROTM) feature!
  • Nerd Fitness’ team only provides science-based, no-nonsense information delivered in sometime nerdy, yet always straightforward language.
  • Finally, Nerd Fitness’ goal is to help people make healthy changes and achieve their best selves, not a certain physique. Many programs claim to do this but use transformation photos and pictures that demonstrate an “ideal body” achieved as a result of the program. While there are a couple of killer six packs featured in Nerd Fitness’ transformations, achieving a certain look is definitely not their focus and that is clear throughout the site’s content.

In conclusion…

One day (i.e. when I get sick of or want to add to the current workout program I’m trying out), I’ll be joining The Rebellion and giving this a shot. Until then, I’ll keep reading and learning about all things fitness and appreciating just how awesome Nerd Fitness is.

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