Amanda Bisk’s 12 Week Exercise Program – My Review

Product Name: Fresh Body Fit Mind Weeks 1 – 12
Price: $39 USD for the full guide 
Website: Here is a link to 1 week of “pre-training” workouts for free and FBFM Weeks 1 – 12


12 week exercise program

General Description:

Fresh Body Fit Mind Weeks 1 – 12 is a 12 week exercise program, motivation guide, and online fitness community. Each week includes HIIT circuits, MOVE Sessions, Recovery days, and TEST Days. In addition, you get access to live workout videos to follow along with, weekly video blogs to help you stay on track, and an exercise guide with demonstrations of each move you’ll be doing during the 12-weeks. There is no fee to renew your access to the guide.


12 week exercise program
Image from Amanda Bisk’s website.
  • It really is equipment free –> Although you can use free weights, a yoga mat, and a jump rope if you have them, these are all optional. The entire program can be done with no equipment.

Instead of skipping rope, you can do “high knees” or jumping jacks. You can use a towel instead of a yoga mat and use a porch step, bench, chair, or bleachers for the couple of workouts that require a flight of stairs.

  • The 20-minute circuits aren’t just a bunch of crunches and push ups. They elevate your heart rate. You will sweat. A lot… Yay cardio 😉
  • The workouts only take 20 minutes apiece so they can be easier to work into a busy schedule than an hour-long class.
  • The program isn’t boring. –> The workouts incorporate the same moves but they are different every time. Each week also includes “MOVE Sessions” (walking, jogging, sprinting, etc.), My Sessions (a workout of your choice), a “Test Day” (to gauge progress), and a “Recovery Day”. Over the course of a week, you get a good variety of workouts in.
  • The graphics that explain the workouts are helpful. Each workout page is well-structured and easy to follow.
  • The program is designed as a “fitness journey”, not a fast-track to weight loss. –> This is my favorite “pro”! Amanda Bisk believes that “movement is medicine” and that fitness should be about health and wellness both inside and out. This overarching goal is clear throughout the 12 weeks.

Each week includes a recovery day and a “My Session” in which you try new activities or repeat your favorites. There is also a weekly Test Day that gauges your progress based on incremental improvements in your performance rather than inches or pounds lost. This wholesome and well-rounded approach to exercise was really refreshing to me.


  • There is no one to correct your form while you work out. –> In the members-only section of Amanda Bisk’s website there is a video that demonstrates each and every exercise you’ll be doing over the course of the 12 weeks. This is helpful if you’re used to working out and want to double check how a movement should be done. However, if you’re totally new to exercise, a virtual demo might not be enough to ensure that you have proper form.
  • On the same note, there’s no one there to push you either. –> If you aren’t naturally self-motivated or good at utilizing tools such as social media to motivate yourself, having 12 weeks of workouts planned won’t help you very much. For some, having a plan and an online community is motivation enough to get going. For others, going to group fitness classes or buddying up with a friend will be more effective.
  • The workouts are designed to be done 2x/day. For me, this wasn’t realistic. I ended up doing both 20 minute circuits back-to-back. If you’re very busy or aren’t willing to restructure your days to include a workout, committing to a 12 week plan might not be the best for you.
  • You have to print the workouts or view them on an iPad. –> When I first started the program, I didn’t have a printer. My laptop is bulky and I don’t have an iPad so I was either writing the workouts down or viewing them on my cellphone. Not the best because the graphics are tiny and you have to scroll during rest periods to view different parts of the workout.

Once I printed out the workouts and put them into a binder, everything was a lot easier. I was able to use the timer and music on my phone and view the day’s workout on a separate page. This also allowed me to record my test times and write notes.

Amanda Bisk's 12 Week Exercise Program
Week 4, Day 2 AM & PM Workouts in my binder.

Overview of support and extras:

The members only section of Amanda Bisk’s website includes: videos of 7 workouts so that you can follow along, a vlog to watch at the start of each week of the training, and a tutorial video that demonstrates every single exercise you’ll be doing throughout the 12 weeks. There is also a section of indoor MOVE Session workouts that you can do inside if the weather is crappy.

The “online community” portion of the 12 week program is a private Facebook page called FBFM Fit Fam. This is a good way to team up with people who are starting the program at the same time as you are, ask for advice on what to do for My Sessions, etc. Most of the people in this group use it to find answers to questions (suggestions for workout playlists, ways to avoid rug burn when doing commandos, etc.) or commiserate with others about how hard their workout of the day was. In general, the posts are positive, motivating, and information-seeking, rather than weight-obsessed, which I liked.

12 week exercise program
Screenshot of Amanda Bisk’s Programs

Who FBFM Weeks 1-12 is for:

The Fresh Body Fit Mind 12 week training program is for anyone who has an understanding of basic exercise moves (proper form and potential modifications for squats, push ups, etc.) and needs a structured program to start or rev up their fitness routine.

If your goals are to get stronger and train yourself to incorporate all types of exercise into your daily life, this program will definitely help. If your goals are to fit into that dress for next month’s work event, you might want to look elsewhere. You may lose weight when doing the program. You will get stronger. But this isn’t a weight loss guide. If you do lose weight, it will be a side effect of exercising more than you currently do.

My experience:

I started this program by doing the free pre-training workouts. I was searching for ways to stay active at home and inside. I went ahead and bought the program because I enjoyed the first week and figured $39 USD is cheaper than paying the drop in rate for four group fitness classes. It’s certainly cheaper than a gym membership!

I didn’t track my “results” and I also didn’t consistently keep a training journal, which is something that the guide really stresses. However, I did get stronger and was able to keep workout out while visiting family and friends in Florida and Georgia.

In Georgia, when I wasn’t working out, I did nothing but relax, eat delicious (and often fried) food, and drink local beer by the pool while I was in GA. I’m convinced that these workouts saved me from experiencing the full effects of that! Anyways, here is a video of me doing push ups by the pool (for something totally unrelated but I think I was on week 8 or 9 of FBFM).

After returning to Kodiak, I finished the program. I was really proud that I had done an entire 12 week exercise program from start to finish (even though I modified it to suit my schedule/style). Now I have 12 weeks of workouts, plus 8 indoor MOVE Sessions to turn to when I’m stuck in an exercise rut. I’ll probably do the full 12 weeks again when I need a boost and some structure.

Overall opinion: Recommended!

I really enjoyed both the individual workouts and the 12 week exercise program as a whole. The 20 minute circuits taught me a great way to workout in my small apartment, while traveling for work, and while on vacation. I had finally found a workout to do at home that I enjoyed and I wrote about it on this blog. At times, the words of encouragement and invitations for introspection and personal exploration did seem a bit cheesy. However, I am so happy to have found a structured program that aims to be part of your lifelong personal fitness journey, rather than a way to lose weight and “look good” in a short 12 weeks. As I’ll be using the workouts again in the future, I definitely feel like the value that this program provides is well worth the $39 USD that it costs.

What programs have you tried and loved? Are there any that didn’t work for you? I’d love to hear about these and/or answer questions you might have about FBFM Weeks 1 – 12. Please leave a comment below!

2 thoughts on “Amanda Bisk’s 12 Week Exercise Program – My Review”

  • Hi there,
    I have just read your article on FBFM and I totally agree with your recommendation. Value for money is a big concern with people these days and this programme certainly is a steal.
    The fact that people can schedule this workout exercise programme around their family/work lifestyle is an added bonus, no expensive equiptment to purchase, no gym appointments, no watching the clock etc etc is so attractive.
    Well done, Cheers……Phil Browne

    • Hi Phil,

      Thanks for the comment! You’ve summed up the bonus points pretty accurately 😀 I’m currently trying out another program (in app form) that costs more but offers more as well. Keep an eye out for the next review. Also, if you have any recommendations for future reviews or topics, don’t hesitate to drop a line.

      All best,


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