Best Running Songs Playlist – Are You Ready To Fly Through Your Run?

Every so often, I get fed up with my standard workout playlists and go searching for something new. This week, I found a winner on Spotify called GO! It’s the best running songs playlist that I’ve come across in a long time. The GO! running songs playlist has 11 tracks put together by Spinnin’ Records, the world’s largest EDM brand and dance record label. What does EDM mean? (You might ask if you’re like me and are so very un-hip.)

best running songs playlist

Electronic Dance Music…duh!

I’m usually not a fan of EDM but this particular list had me working harder and feeling motivated. Like all of the other Spotify running mixes, you can set the playlist running pace to match your tempo. The songs on this playlist range from popular hits such as “Intoxicated” by Martin Solveig & GTA to “Rundorphins” by Klubbheads, which has more of a new age feel. All of the songs transition smoothly. It’s like having your own private DJ! To try it out, choose the drop down menu on your Spotify home screen, select Browse, then select Running. You should find the playlist under the heading “Running Originals”. Like I said, this may be the best running songs playlist out there right now. Check it out and let me know if you agree!



8 thoughts on “Best Running Songs Playlist – Are You Ready To Fly Through Your Run?”

    • Awesome! I’ve had it for a while now. I used to have the Premium version but now the free version better suits my needs. Happy running and listening to you 🙂

  • I love me some EDM while working out and running, it takes your workout to a whole new level especially if you follow the beat and just go with the flow, oh now i can’t wait to go running! Thank you so much for the playlist i am sure i will enjoy it. Keep up with the good work.

  • I love running listening to music but like you say I need to change from time to time what I’m listening to. I’ve heard about Spotify recently and I’m starting to be curious as it seems to be a way for me to diversify the music I listen to. Is it expensive to download a list like the one you’re suggesting?
    Thanks anyways, I will listen to GO playlist and see if it gets me motivated 🙂

    • Spotify is actually free! You can listen ton the playlist I mentioned (and many others) without purchasing anything. All you need is available data on your phone or a WiFi connection. If you want to save music to listen to offline, then you have to pay. The free version works for me!

  • Hi, Thanks for this. What a really excellent play list this is.
    I do a lot of very long runs and they really can get very boring indeed. So I always need something fast and up beat to run along to. This Mix really hit the spot.

    An excellent listen and really helped me keep the tempo and let the time and miles fly by.

    Thanks So much

    • No problem! I’m done running until it gets a bit warmer out so run a couple of extra miles for me 😉 What do you listen to for cycling?

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