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Amanda Bisk – One of my idols! A former competitive pole-vaulter, this Australian athlete overcame chronic fatigue syndrome. She’s developed a training program that focuses on overall health and well-being called Fresh Body Fit Mind. I love it!

Amanda Bisk - 20 minute full body workout

Barre – A group fitness class taught using German ballerina, Lotte Berk’s method. My favorite studio’s website states that a Barre workout will “burn fat quickly and increase lean muscle mass by using your own body weight for resistance.” Want to find out more about barre workouts?

Barre & Soul – A much smaller franchise than Pure Barre founded by Andrea Isabelle Lucas. It has five locations and a selection of online classes. Andrea’s blog is worth checking out, too:

fit feminist blog posts
Some posts from The Fit Feminist Blog

Beachbody – A leading provider of fitness, nutrition, and weigh-loss programs. Their site has a dizzying array of fitness programs (including on-demand workout videos), supplements, and gear. I interviewed a Team Beachbody fitness coach to learn more about this company.

Gaiam – A lifestyle brand whose goal is to make yoga, well-being, and fitness accessible to all. Gaiam has a massive distribution network and an eco-travel business.

Lolë – Canadian active wear company whose mission is all about encouraging women to move every day. Their yoga mats are great!

Isometric exercise – Isometric exercise or isometrics is a type of strength training that is done in a static position. Read about these exercises and why they’re so great by clicking on the link.

– Shop here for yoga wear and gear. They also have free yoga videos!

images from mandukas instagram
Images from Manduka’s Instagram.

Moksha Yoga – Hot yoga studios in the U.S. and Canada. I went to Moksha Yoga Montreal while on holiday.


Pure Barre – A barre franchise founded by Carrie Rezabek Dorr (dancer and choreographer). There are more than 375 Pure Barre studios in the United States. I compare Pure Barre to other franchises and my local studio in my article about barre.

Spinning – A group fitness class. “The Spinning® program was founded by endurance road cyclists, and their desire to bring that authentic cycling experience indoors.”(from Spinning’s website) I went to my first spin class on Thanksgiving Day, then reported on my findings.

Spotify – Get music for your workout here! My current favorite is their playlist put together by Go!

spotify graphic
from Spotify’s homepage

Studio Barre & Soul – This is my favorite barre studio! Although the name is similar to Andrea Isabelle Lucas’ franchise, Studio Barre & Soul is its own entity, founded by Anna Bazalar. I talk about the studio in depth in my article about beachbody fitness coach - amy

Team Beachbody – A community for fit and healthy living sponsored by Beachbody. Online fitness coaches that promote Beachbody products are part of Team Beachbody.