best non slip yoga mat

Wanted: Best Non Slip Yoga Mat

I bought the yoga mat that I have now from Lolë in Montreal last spring. It’s made of natural rubber and is a foldable travel mat. I absolutely love it. (Check it out by clicking the image or read the full review) However, I have been doing a lot of working out inside because Kodiak in the […]

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muscle recovery techniques

Muscle Recovery Techniques – Myofascial Release By Foam Roller

If muscle recovery techniques aren’t already a part of your daily or weekly routine, they should be! Proper recovery is essential for preventing injuries and maintaining a high training intensity on the days that you do workout. One great recovery technique that you can do on your own is myofascial release by foam roller. In […]

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best travel yoga mat

Best Travel Yoga Mat – Lolë I Glow Review

With most items, it’s hard to really “try before you buy”. This is especially true with products that are made to be used over time or during infrequent activities, such as travel. In the article I wrote about looking for the best non slip yoga mat, I mentioned Lolë’s I Glow Travel Mat. In my […]

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12 week exercise program

Amanda Bisk’s 12 Week Exercise Program – My Review

Product Name: Fresh Body Fit Mind Weeks 1 – 12 Price: $39 USD for the full guide  Website: Here is a link to 1 week of “pre-training” workouts for free and FBFM Weeks 1 – 12   General Description: Fresh Body Fit Mind Weeks 1 – 12 is a 12 week exercise program, motivation guide, and online fitness community. […]

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is spinning a good workout

Is Spinning A Good Workout? – My Thanksgiving Spin Class Review

My first indoor cycling class was one week ago, on Thanksgiving Day. I was so excited to go that I wrote about it beforehand. When I woke up, it was still dark and my first thought was that no workout is worth leaving your house in the dark, especially when it’s 30 degrees out. Lucky […]

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