Stay Fit While Traveling

Best Travel Yoga Mat – Lolë I Glow Review

With most items, it’s hard to really “try before you buy”. This is especially true with products that are made to be used over time or during infrequent activities, such as travel. In the article I wrote about looking for the best non slip yoga mat, I mentioned Lolë’s I Glow Travel Mat. In my […]

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What Is An Isometric Exercise? – Why Should You Care?

What is an isometric exercise? You’ve probably heard about isometric exercises if you go to any group fitness classes, especially Barre or yoga. But what is an isometric exercise? More importantly, what’s it to you? In this article I’ll define isometric exercise, give some examples, and then show you the good news; you really can […]

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How To Do Yoga At Home – Free Yoga Online

It wasn’t until recently that I started thinking about how to do yoga at home. Only after I started digging around the internet did I find free yoga online. Now, my favorite way to do yoga at home is through YogaGlo’s website and Adrienne’s YouTube channel – the best free online yoga classes out there. Since […]

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Yoga When Traveling – Where Is The Nearest Yoga Studio?

A bit of yoga when traveling is a great way to stay active while on the go. Yoga classes can either be a workout or an active way to unwind without adding unnecessary stress. In fact, locating the nearest yoga studio is usually the most stressful part of a yoga class while traveling! Fortunately, there are […]

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