Best Travel Yoga Mat – Lolë I Glow Review

With most items, it’s hard to really “try before you buy”. This is especially true with products that are made to be used over time or during infrequent activities, such as travel. In the article I wrote about looking for the best non slip yoga mat, I mentioned Lolë’s I Glow Travel Mat. In my opinion, it is the best travel yoga mat. I use it even when I’m not traveling!

Here is a thorough review – the closest you will get to trying before you buy 🙂

best travel mat - lole i glow


      • Price: $30.00, Free UPS Ground Shipping
      • Sizing: One Size
      • Available colors: pink, purple, yellow (all with light gray underside)
      • Best Place To Purchase: Lolë’s Website

Basic Features

      • Dimensions: 24 x 72 in./61 cm x 183 cm
      • Weight: 0,70 pounds/317,51g
      • Thickness: 2 mm (.0787402 inches) This is very thin!
      • Unisex

Additional Features

      • Eco-friendly
      • PVC-free, 100% TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) composite material
      • Excellent adhesion. This mat is designed for use on both smooth and carpeted surfaces.
      • Foldable
      • Free returns within 14 days if you are not satisfied and have not used the item.

Summary And Review

Traveling with a yoga mat has always been a struggle between love and hate for me. I love having my mat with me so that I can stretch out in between flights and practice yoga while on vacation. If I bring my mat, I use it and never regret hauling it around. However, I hate trying to squish a full-sized mat into my carry-on! I don’t like bumping people with my full-size mat as I walk through the aisle or security line. I really don’t like accidentally leaving my mat behind because it’s not actually inside my carry-on. One trip, my poor mat traveled all the way to Portugal only to sit behind the baggage counter for a week because I left it at baggage claim. All of the experiences I’ve had while traveling with a regular yoga mat factored into this review.


best travel yoga mat - lole i glow
I glow travel yoga mat Lolë, Yoga Mats


With its best feature, its flexibility, the Lolë I Glow Travel Mat totally eliminated my mixed feelings about traveling with a mat. It can be crumpled up and shoved into any carry-on or nicely folded and placed into checked luggage without adding a bunch of weight. (It weighs less than a pound!) No more smacking people around with my rolled up full-size mat and no more losing my mat. This travel mat is always stored near my other items without taking up a bunch of space.


The second best feature, for me, is the different materials on each side of this mat. One side of the mat is made of fabric so that the mat adheres to carpet. This is perfect for use in a hotel room or guest bedroom. The other side is normal yoga mat material that sticks to smooth surfaces (wood floors, linoleum, tile, etc.) I’ve used my mat both ways – on carpet where I am staying and on wood floors in yoga studios around the world.

…lightweight and thin…

The only drawback that I’ve found is less padding. This is the downside to having such a thin and lightweight mat! When I want extra padding, I bring a towel to place on top of my mat. Yoga studios often have mats that you can use. Simply place the Lolë I Glow Travel Mat over another and you’ve got more thickness to support your poses.


The Lolë I Glow Travel Mat seems to be very durable. I’ve used it in airports, my living room, yoga studios, and outside. Even after frequent use for nearly a year, it looks new. I have yet to scrub it (I’ve only rinsed and air-dried it), so I’m not sure if regular washing or scrubbing would wear on the mat. A good method to extend the life of a yoga mat and to keep it clean is occasionally using soap and water and/or a tea tree oil spray to disinfect the rubbery side.

…free shipping and returns…

Lolë offers free shipping and returns. This is nice because it’s hard to know whether or not a yoga mat will suit your needs without actually handling it. Luckily, you can send it back within the first 14 days if it isn’t what you expected.

It’s hard to vividly describe the materials, thickness, and flexibility of this mat! I hope these descriptions show why Lolë’s I Glow Travel Mat is the best travel yoga mat around. If nothing else, this review may help you decide which travel mat to purchase.

For more information on yoga while traveling, read about how to find yoga studios near you.

Which travel mat do you currently own? What are your suggestions for doing yoga and staying active while traveling? Do you have any other travel mat recommendations?

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4 thoughts on “Best Travel Yoga Mat – Lolë I Glow Review”

  • Great idea and the perfect gift for my girlfriend.

    She is a big lover of yoga and like you she tried to do her exercises no matter where she is. Holidays, lunch breaks and the list goes on!

    The last time we were on holiday she went hunting for a yoga mat. She left hers at home thinking it would be too much of a headache to get it in the bags and travel on the plane!

    Now I see this travel mat I will let her know. If she is interested I will come back to you.

    Thanks so much!


    • No problem, Chris! I don’t really stay up to date on the latest gear. Instead, I prefer to search for others’ opinions on specific things that I need. When I do find something that I like, I like to share to pass on the help I’ve received! Best of luck and sorry you didn’t find me before Christmas, haha!

  • Since you talking about travel yoga mats, are there any convenient way for a guy to carry his yoga mat around without having to carry a big clumsy gym bag?

    All the yoga mats I have seen are still pretty large for a guy to be carrying without being in some sort of bag, what about a method to carry your yoga bag when biking. When I take a break from my biking yoga helps stretch my muscles to feel better, but again a big bag is clumsy on my bike when traveling around?

    • Hi Jeffrey! 

      Thanks for the comment! The best way I’ve found to carry around a yoga mat is to get one that folds (or even crumples!) up like the one I described in this article. If the mat is thin and flexible, you should be able to stuff it into the bottom of a normal-sized backpack, no problem. The only downside is forgetting it’s there and not doing any yoga 😉

      Happy biking and stretching to you,


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